Leaders Are Continually Challenged to Optimize Their Business As

Processes become more complicated, and actual processes deviate.

Today unleash the value of Process Mining technology. Re-Vive provides the interactive depiction of As-Is state of your business processes and prerequisite for successful Optimization programs to deliver committed business outcomes and savings.

About 70% Percent of Transformation and Optimization programs do not deliver on committed business outcomes and savings.
Inability to identify inefficiencies in processes and the associated business impacts.
In large, complex, organizations cross functional teams look at processes within their Silo.
Inefficient use of resources within a process.

World’s #1 Multi-Dimensional Process Mining System


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How your enterprise truly runs.


How to optimize business based on data driven decisions.


How your process impacts critical business drivers.

Business Capabilities with VIVE Process Intelligence

Discovery of process
Mapping of the process
Root cause
Compliance issues
Deviations from standards

Transforming Intelligence and Building Capabilities

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Process Intelligence
Why it is important to you ?
  • Maximize revenue and reduce costs by optimizing processes to be faster, more effective, and efficient
  • Improve customer experiences
  • Reduce risk and ensure compliance
  • Understand, discover, and document processes as-is
  • Process discovery identifies the right processes and activities to automate

How does it work ?

What is it ?

VIVE Process Intelligence lets you slice and dice across the dimensions. It shows the actual processes rather than the ideal ones It displays the current condition of actual processes by leveraging real-time data and incident records to recognize bottlenecks, reduce unnecessary steps, and present factual insights.

Actionable Intelligence

Seamlessly Connect to Any Data Source.

VIVE Process Intelligence analyzes event logs which store detailed, time series data about events.

It prepares workflow for the process, suggests process improvements or measures conformance of process to provided guidelines.

An outstanding Business Analytics Platform that you need to drive your business and boost revenue

TCO(Total cost of ownership) Truly defined

Our Product is a one stop shop for Digital Transformation that combines Analytics COE, Process Mining COE, Al / ML COE.