Leaders Are Continually Challenged to Optimize Their Business Yet...
70% Percent of Transformation and Optimization programs do not deliver on committed business outcomes and savings.
In large organizations it is difficult to get a data driven view into your end to end process
Inability to identity inefficiencies in complex processes and the associated business impacts
There is a desire to transform, but uncertainty of where to start and clear, actionable next steps

World’s #1 Multi-Dimensional Process Mining System


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VIVE Process Intelligence enables you to
Understand how your enterprise truly runs

Optimize your business based on data driven decisions

Understand outcomes and returns prior to investments

ViVE can help to Rationalize, Streamline and Optimize your process
A comprehensive map and view of your complex process in days/weeks
Analyze and compare process maps by any metric and dimensions
200+ self serve widgets for data analysis and insights
Identify bottlenecks, redundancies and rework within your process
Recommendation Engine on how to optimize business
Drill through from KPI to underlying process and analysis
175+ Drivers to seamlessly integrate with various platforms
Operate on On-Prem or any cloud