About Re-ViVE

Re-ViVE is one of the fastest-growing frontrunners in the space of Process Intelligence (PI).
It’s a global company with presence in both U.S. and India.

Re-ViVE’s PI-based platform ViVE has been designed to breathe new life into your current processes by pointing out inefficiencies and outliners in a matter of trice, so that you can take necessary action and steer your business towards more profitability in no time.

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We Re-ViVE and this is how we can help you:
  • Harness the power of AI and ML to procure meaningful and accurate insights from your current processes
  • Enjoy, hassle-free, smooth digital transformation and increased ROI 
  • Spot differences in pattern and process outliers using Re-ViVE’s brilliant, graphic representations of your processes
  • Reduce your spending on RPA by giving it ready-to-use data on how to handle discrepancies
  • Boost revenues, market growth & reach with optimized processes that work just like they should.
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