Consumer Goods

ViVE integration can help improve the supply-chain activities in your consumer goods business, substantially. Two of the biggest roadblocks when it comes to consumer goods business are process efficiency in order generation and delivery processes. With increasing customer expectations for shorter delivery times and growing costs, B2C business owners are overworked to the core, while handling order deliveries and ensuring their bottom lines are not hurt. ViVE integration can help businesses in the consumer goods industry:

  • Create a seamless customer experience
  • Gain clear visibility of reasons that lead to rising costs and delayed deliveries
  • Access actionable data and insights
  • Improve efficiency
  • Remove outliers in their processes
  • Reduce waste and losses
And this is how you can achieve the above:
  • Increase purchasing productivity by automating manual steps
  • Optimize purchasing spend by leveraging granular supplier
  • Conduct performance evaluations to negotiate & optimize the supplier base
  • Manage risk & compliance by identifying and pre-empting maverick buying and eliminating duplicate invoices
Create seamless customer experiences