Energy & Utilities

The energy and utility sector is undergoing profound changes given the role government regulations are playing in liberalizing the market which is seeing more competition than ever before. While energy companies ensure they comply with the various laws and regulations established by the government, they also need to keep the prices low and hold on to their market share in this competitive industry.

Process Intelligence helps energy companies do just that. With Process Intelligence, you can remove potential delays in processes such as order-to-cash, purchase-to-pay, customer service, warehouse management, and finally and most importantly, ensure consumer loyalty and satisfaction.

In a nutshell, ViVE integration can help you:
  • Become more competitive by using actionable insights to remove process barriers
  • Identify the potential of your processes
  • Carry out strategy adjustments to boost competitive advantage
  • Optimize existing customer-retention
  • Acquire new customers sustainably
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