Financial services

If you are a financial services organization, ViVE integration can help you:

  • Optimize your working capital
  • Increase overall productivity via automation
  • Manage compliance requirements smoothly

Currently, only 5% of CFOs in finance organizations have truly harnessed the power of automation technologies such as RPA and AI and have realized a substantial return on the same. This just goes on to show that while digitization absolutely can give financial services the boost they need to grow and expand, the transformation also needs to be done correctly. Having the right technology, such as AI and PI in place can help finance leaders:

  • Optimize accounts payable and maximize cash discounts
  • Identify missed discounts and late payments in accounts receivables
  • Improve their maverick buying capabilities and build on it
  • Automate their invoices, orders, and POs, thereby lowering the cost
  • Enjoy immediate ROI
Boost your business’s ROI