Gaming & Entertainment

The Gaming and Entertainment Industry is competitive; you are competing against traditional players and host of new, digital first, online gaming sites. For all industry players attracting, delighting and retaining customers is critical for continued success and growth. The way you run, optimize and enhance your business and customer processes will drive customer loyalty, share of wallet and improved operating margins. Understanding and optimizing your processes with ViVE Process Intelligence is essential for growth and can help you; right now.

The Gaming Industry is not only dependent on building an exceptional customer experience but also on strict adherence and compliance to numerous regulatory bodies. Your business success hinges on your ability to meet and provide ongoing audit traceability across numerous and complex regulations from local, state and federal governments. ViVE Process Intelligence platform can give the models, visualization, and analysis of processes within a short time to meeting your optimization and compliance needs.

ViVE can help expand your Data and Analytics Capabilities and optimize your business processes with its powerful Process Intelligence platform. Our approach is scientific, and data driven that guarantees in the direction of providing insight into the processes and identify bottlenecks that directly affect the revenue.

The gaming floor can provide rich data, which when ingested in our tool can identify processes that work best and maximize revenue.

ViVE Process intelligence can help with
  • Consistent and optimized customer experiences
  • Compliance confidence
  • Direct and Indirect marketing campaigns
  • Ensure that bottlenecks are identified and eliminated

Data from Table Games, Slots, online gaming, entertainment venues, hotel, spa, food outlets etc. can be easily ingested into our platform to provide a clear vision and data-driven scientific results to optimize various processes, improve the customer experience and improve revenues and margins.

optimize your business processes