VIVE provides actionable insights in an easy to consume and assimilate format, hence helping clients stay at par or even a few steps ahead when it comes to market dynamics or process leakage.
Harness the Power of Process Intelligence And Boost your Business.

Businesses across industries are constantly struggling with issues such as:

  • Market dynamics
  • Price fluctuations
  • Logistical issues
  • Ever-changing regulations
  • Continuous changes in technology

To address these issues, businesses often start exhibiting the shiny app syndrome, in which they buy technologies and solutions that provide a short term fix while losing track of their ultimate organizational vision and goals. They end up getting stuck in a vicious cycle, that is not only expensive but also inefficient.

ViVE helps businesses deal with these issues using an inside out approach, thus paving the way to a true Digital Transformation.

Vive helps businesses

01.Figure out the core process issues
02.Understand the processes better
03.Discover hidden paths
04.Enable maverick buying
05.Focus on process gaps
06.Identify areas of compliance breach

Explore ViVE

VIVE is a Process Intelligence Solution developed and built by RE-VIVE
VIVE`s “easy to use and implement” feature makes it easy for you in order to:

  • Integrate it with your processes and apps
  • Identify friction & blind spots in your processes
  • Reduce wastage & costs
  • Free up manhours and enable work reprioritization
  • Optimize operations and reap magnified ROIs
  • Monitor your operational analytics
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With ViVE you can



Identify outliners and deviations in a jiffy.



Create trust around your current processes by removing outliers and placing simple instructions to automate paths.



Optimize your processes to decrease turnaround time without affecting quality and accuracy.



Accelerate processes by predicting future possible inefficiencies as well as rework and fix them before they even occur.

Here’s how ViVE can help your business
  • Ensures that your business processes flow smoothly
  • Gives you a clear view of all processes and enables AS-IS
  • Reduces the chances of being blindsided by faulty processes
  • Helps spot outliners in a flash
  • Compares the time and cost spent on each process easily
  • Improve margins and business outcomes
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